Designing the Perfect Garden for your Home in Scotland

Until a while ago, garden design and landscaping was reserved for large green areas of public spaces or private institutions. In recent years, however, the design of the exterior space was incorporated into private homes, both suburban and urban and even the design of balconies in apartments .

This is because although most of the time is spent in indoor spaces, the exterior is always present either as a view from the window or as the alternative of enjoying a pleasant day outdoors. Increase the value of the property and the possibilities of sale.

Awell-designed green environment with good external lighting nests the house it contains. In the case of the front, it is what frames the house and the first impression that those who visit it have. According to specialists in the real estate market, a well-planned and well-cared for outdoor space that invites you to dream with pleasant afternoons in the open air is one of the aspects that attract the most buyers. Provides shade and freshness on hot days.

In general, green areas are ideal for reducing temperatures. Beyond the placid shade of trees on summer days, grass, for example, is cooler than floors of different materials because it does not reflect light and absorbs almost all the sunlight it receives. Determine the ideal trees for each space, and its location to take better advantage of the shade they project is part of a good design made by professionals. You can check out M Squared and their garden design glasgow south.

Reduce noise

Another important benefit of a good garden design is that plants reduce noise. The specialist explains that two or three rows of trees along a noisy street noise can reduce several decibels depending on the type of trees and the distance to the noise source.

Offers repair to the wind

Plants can also reduce the effects of wind on cold winter days. According to the expert s , we must choose evergreen trees that keep their leaves during the winter months, and establish their location so that they provide repair the wind but allow the passage of sunlight to provide warmth to the area.

Provides oxygen

Plants produce oxygen and lower levels of carbon dioxide; even inside homes there are studies that suggest that they also reduce other toxins.

Reduce stress

Enjoy a well-designed and well-kept green environment in which you can see the appearance of new buds, the change of colors with the seasons, as well as the tranquility and freshness that the plants transmit; helps to lower the tensions of everyday life.
It is not necessary to have a large garden to enjoy the benefits of design and landscaping. You can also appreciate its benefits in a small urban garden, with a vertical garden on a balcony or with an arrangement of succulents inside a small apartment.